Hollywood once more

I wake up just before the sun comes over the mountains and enjoy the peaceful view. When I try to get dressed I notice how my camper car is slowly becoming quite messy and I’m getting a bit annoyed by that I can’t find my socks. After searching for a while, I give up and decide to drive to Walmart to get a few new pairs. Haha, I’m thankful that Walmart is everywhere here. The drive to the nearby city is very beautiful and goes through hills covered by trees.


Highway 101

When you’re on a road trip there are two kinds of driving. Functional driving and recreational driving. Functional driving is to get from one place to another and recreational driving is just because of the beauty of the ride. Last days was quite a bit of functional driving to get to the west coast as soon as possible, but today is totally recreational.

Around sunrise I wake up. I walk to the beach, brush my teeth and start driving again. After about fifteen minutes I see a Starbucks and stop there to update the blog and to do some work.