Highway 101

When you’re on a road trip there are two kinds of driving. Functional driving and recreational driving. Functional driving is to get from one place to another and recreational driving is just because of the beauty of the ride. Last days was quite a bit of functional driving to get to the west coast as soon as possible, but today is totally recreational.

Around sunrise I wake up. I walk to the beach, brush my teeth and start driving again. After about fifteen minutes I see a Starbucks and stop there to update the blog and to do some work. I try to work as least as possible during this journey, but from time to time some things need to be taken care of. I work for about two hours and then continue driving on highway 101, one of my favorite roads in America. This road follows the coast all the way up North to Alaska. The plan for today is follow it to Los Angeles.

Highway 101 is a beautiful drive. It doesn’t go fast, but you don’t have to, because it’s beautiful to look around. Large beach houses, many beaches and a lot of small restaurants and surfing places. On my way I stop at a nature center and a friendly guy called Steve tells me some information about the West coast and what kind of birds there are here. I drive further to Laguna beach and stop there to walk at the beach for a while. The ocean is looking great, but I don’t feel so much like swimming today.

Waking up by the beach
Starbucks in San Diego
Steve - a nature guy I met along the way
Waking up by the beach (1)
Driving highway 101
Love the palms next to highway 101
Highway 101
Laguna beach

I drive quite slow and just enjoy the scenery. It’s only a couple of hours to Los Angeles and when I’m there I text a Dutch friend of mine, Remon, who is also on vacation here. It turns out that he’s only ten minute away and he’s staying with his family. I drive to their house and he’s already waiting outside for me. It’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen each other, so it’s really nice to meet here in America.

Surfer walking to laguna beach
Meeting Remon in LA
Me at laguna beach
Sitting by the fire at night

We have a cold drink in the back yard and then his wife and family are coming home. They’re throwing a barbecue party tonight and I’m very welcome to stay. This is a very nice surprise. I thought about just having a coffee together, but I can stay here the rest of the day and actually sleep on the couch tonight as well. It turns out to be a nice family party with about 30 people and a lot of food. We have a great time together. I’m thankful for this welcome surprise and am happy to stay with Remon and his family for a day. Tomorrow I plan on visiting the Warner Brothers movie studios, the Hollywood boulevard and the Hollywood sign. Those are the main things I want to see in Los Angeles before I’ll travel further North along the coast.

2 thoughts on “Highway 101

  1. Remon says:

    It was really good to see you and weird at the same time. Meeting up in Los Angeles, thousands of miles from NL. But it was fun and I hope you enjoyed your stay with is. I did and everybody loved having you around. I wish you a great journey ahead and enjoy the many beautifull things here in The USA.

    1. Edwin says:

      It was great to spend a day with you and your family, thanks again! Fun times in Los Angeles, I’d love to go back to that great city some time! You have a great journey further as well! 😀

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