Garage sales

This morning we go to some more garage sales. This is such an American thing, people just sell stuff in their front yard or garage. It’s like what we have in the Netherlands on Kingsday when everyone has a market and sells their stuff. There aren’t many interesting things this morning, but I get myself a bigger suitcase for a Dollar, because I think I might need it on my way back home. The weather is nice again today, contrary to what the weather report said. I’m not sure what I’ll do the rest of the day, I feel like I want to do some more creative things this afternoon like writing or drawing in my notebook. I end up doing some work on my computer though. I’m talking with grandma about how it’s harder to blog when you don’t do a lot of exciting things. “So then we need to do some things”, she says, and that’s a good idea. Of course is nice to relax at the house the whole day, but I also like to see things and meet people and get some inspiration for writing.

We go to the furniture store and meet an interesting woman of grandma’s life. She’s buying a chair and has many stories to tell. Her sister used to be the getaway driver of bank robbers and then went on to race horses. She had an interesting life. The lady keeps talking for I think fifteen minutes and than tells me some wisdom in between the stories, she says to me: “You have no idea how fast life will go.” While she keeps telling stories that one line sinks down. I think it is true. I have noticed a bit of how fast life goes, but I probably have no idea yet. There might be a day that I’m 75 as well and look back at a great life. I’m glad we can’t time travel, because I don’t want to know yet. Hearing this just encourages me to follow my heart and get everything out of life that it has to offer.

Garage sale with grandma
Homecrafters Furniture
Love and ice cream
Garage sale with Catie and Millie
Dinner with my grandparents
Sunset in Helena Montana (2)
Chilling with grandpa
Looking at old pictures
Me and grandpa

We go back home and play another game of Scrabble and have dinner together. In the evening grandma shows me old pictures from when they were young. It’s interesting to see how they looked back then. Later we’re watching our tv show again and as usual laugh a lot. At some point I look out the window and see that it’s still very nice weather, so I offer the idea to go for a walk outside. Grandma is funny, because often when I mention the word exercise, she acts like it’s a dirty word. When we’re actually outside though, she walks the fastest of all and immediately goes ahead of us. We’re outside just around sunset and the views are very beautiful. Because they live on the higher end of the city, we can view over the valley and see the surrounding mountains. The colors are changing almost every minute and a few times we stop to just look around. We’re all glad we did this. I really like evening walks and it’s one of the things I often recommend to people who say they don’t have time for exercise or want to loose some weight. I think I’ve read in some articles that it’s a very healthy thing to do and my own experience is that it often makes me feel a lot better to go for a short walk in the evening. I think I’ll invite them for more evening walks in the coming days.

Going for an evening walk
Grandma and grandpa
Sunset in Helena Montana



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