Starting a bullet journal

It’s Sunday morning and it’s quiet in the house and outside. I used to dislike the Sunday’s, maybe because it was the day to go to church or that there wasn’t going on much in town, I’m not sure. It’s still not my favorite day of the week, but I’ve come to appreciate them much better. Nowadays Sunday is when I take it a bit slower, enjoy a nice coffee in the morning and do some creative things like writing or drawing. I’m not sure what my grandparents plans are for today, but I think I’ll go to one of the local coffee places today.

In the morning I first make coffee with my new Italian coffee brewer and then play some more Scrabble with my grandma and I watch several videos on bullet journaling. It’s a relatively new way of journaling that I want to get into. Bullet journaling can help you organize your life better, by making a plan for a year, per month and per week or per day. You can make it as simple or creative as you want and I’d like to use it to be more organized and as a creative outlet to practice writing, drawing and calligraphy. There are many beautiful examples to find on Instagram and Pinterest and I look at many to get inspired.

Making coffee Italian style
My first bullet journal (2)
Evening walk with grandma
Italian coffee
Starting a bullet journal (2)
Interesting fellow we see during our walk
Starting a bullet journal
Inside Scenic Brew coffee place
Tulips in Montana

In the afternoon I go to a local coffee place. I love Starbucks, but I also like to visit local coffee stores, because they are so unique. After watching all the videos this morning I finally make a start to my own bullet journal. I find it challenging, but I love every moment of it and am looking forward to spending more time with my bullet journal in the coming days. When I go back home I have dinner again with my grandparents and watch some television. Grandpa doesn’t feel like walking tonight, so I go only with grandma. We take the back ally’s in the neighborhood and get to see many beautiful houses in the area. I like the American houses often more than the European ones, because they have beautiful front porches where you can sit in a rocking chair or on a bench. I’d like to have that later. We walk until sunset and then go back home and sit down on the front porch of their house. We talk about the plans for the coming week. I think I’ll go to Glacier National park on Tuesday and Wednesday and then come back here for a few more days together before I go home. It’s about two days driving back to Denver airport, so I probably leave here at Friday or Saturday, so I can take it easy. One more week of vacation before I go back home, so I better enjoy each day of it.




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