What do you expect?

For quite a while now I’m a bit struggling with the mundane of life. In the mornings I wake up early, go to the gym and then to work for the rest of the day. In the evening I cook dinner, watch some tv and before I know it’s time to go to bed again. Even though I do my best to make days different by working at several locations, it still feel often that most days look the same and the desire for breaking out of that grows by the day.

While I write this, I realise how much freedom I have by working for myself and not having to go to an office every day which would be even more of the same thing every day. Still I can’t help wondering from time to time: ‘Is this it?’ There is this feeling that life should be more exciting and fulfilling. I’ve booked a vacation at the end of the summer and even though that helps by giving something to look forward too, I’d still like to make normal life more exciting. What I really wish for is to wake up every morning with a jump in my step and the thought: “Yes another day, bring it on!”

How to accomplish that I don’t know exactly yet, but I think it’s somewhere in the line of finding something you’re so passionate about that it’ll wake you up before the alarm clock. I love programming and designing. I think it’s just the other stress from running my own business that can cool down the fire. Or perhaps there is something else I can be even more passionate about, but that’s left to discover. In the mean time the challenge is to make every day a better day.

This morning I decided to work in a coffee store in Amsterdam and as I was in the train I turned on some Classical Disney music. While walking to the coffee place I suddenly had an interesting thought: Something magical can happen any moment. You have no idea what nice things are waiting for you today. Immediately my mood was lifted and I started looking different at everything around me. The people, the buildings, everything just looked a bit more wonderful. I realised that it’s all about what you expect. Do you wake up and think it’ll be another normal day or do you wonder what beautiful things will happen today? One of my favourite motivational speakers once said: Wake up every morning, expecting good things to happen to you. Actually say it out loud in the morning: “Today good things are happening to me” and you can add to that “Good things are going to happen through me”. Not only can blessings come your way, you can be a blessing to others as well.

Sometimes life might feel boring, but you have the choice to decide how to look at it. Do you expect it’ll be another normal day or do you expect something wonderful will happen today?

And if you need some help to get you into a more cheerful mood, here is the music I’m listening to today:

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