Cheerful birds

Having birds in your house is a great help to stay present. Every time I’m on my phone, they start chirping and forcing my attention on them again. It’s also nice to have them as company if you have a house for yourself. I was on my phone looking for the next place to stay after this, which is a bit challenging. This place is so nice that I’d rather stay here the rest of my vacation, but unfortunately it’s almost fully booked for the coming weeks. I decide to let the search for the next place rest again and solve a few pieces of the Christmas puzzle before I go outside.
It’s back to normal California weather and I’m happy about it. I’m heading to a coffee place, but when I see the ocean a few streets down I can’t resist to take a detour. Along the ocean is a walking path with several benches. It’s very peaceful to sit there and watch the waves come in. There are some people walking at the beach, but it’s still relatively quiet. It’s only 8.30 in the morning after all. I walk further to a coffee place close to the beach and sit there for a while to update my blog. It requires a bit of time every day, but I enjoy writing again. When my blog is posted and my coffee almost finished, I see that there is a good bus connection at that moment to a running store I planned to visit one of these days. I’m there in less than an hour and see some more neighborhoods on my way there. The north side of the city is also quite nice. At the shoe store they don’t have my size, but they tell me to check out the outdoor store across the street. That store happens to have a sale of used products and I find a pair of running shoes in my size. They look barely used and cost only a third of the new price. As usual I’m very lucky/blessed.
I go from a healthy choice to an unhealthy one when I see a Mc Donald’s on the way back. I know it’s not the best food, but I love it anyway. It’s good timing, because while I’m online there my sister calls from the Caribbean. She’s also on vacation and checks in to see how it’s going. I love that we can call anyone all over the world these days. After lunch at Mc Donald’s I’m heading home again. I want to spend some time at the Starbucks I was yesterday, but sadly they’re closed this afternoon. I do some groceries instead and decide to balance out the unhealthy lunch with a healthy pasta salad for dinner. I’m glad the sun is out again, because I missed it a bit the past few days.
This morning I was invited by a friend from Oregon to visit him and also my sister encouraged me to travel around. I haven’t made up my mind yet. The first plan was to just stay in San Diego, but now I’m starting to consider traveling around. After all, renting a car is probably the same price as renting an apartment. When I’m back at the house I do some searching online and the price of renting a car is indeed comparable to renting an apartment. I’ve traveled and slept in a car before, but that was usually in summer or autumn. I’m a bit worried that it might be cold at night doing it now. If I stay in San Diego I can find another airbnb apartment, but I also discover this afternoon that there are hotels with rooms with kitchenettes, so a bit like an apartment but with the convience of a hotel. I book one that I can still cancel for free if needed. This way I have at least an option and still the time to make up my mind about what I’m gonna do this week. The whole researching of my options has taken the whole afternoon, but I guess that’s just part of traveling. Finding those running shoes this morning was a good reminder that things always work out for me, so I’m sure the rest of this adventure will work out as well.


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