Define yourself

This morning I had a clear thought: who you are is like a big rock (or piece of wood as in the picture), ready to be sculpted. And you’re the one that can make a statue out of it, but cutting things away. Everything you are is already inside you, just you have to remove the parts that’s not you.


Get your innocence back

I just woke up with the feeling I’ve had before several times in the last couple of months, waking up to a bad dream. Waking up to a world that is not as nice as you remembered it to be. Even though things are turning a bit back to normal here, it still isn’t the way it used to be. Then it hit me what’s the main problem now: the world has lost its innocence.


Now is all you have

The world around you may be shaken up and things go different than you’d expected. It’s very easy to start worrying. We usually tend to worry about the things that are important to us, like family and work. We know that worrying doesn’t help us anything and doesn’t change the situation for good. The most it can do, is taking away our peace.

It’s easier said than done to just stop worrying, but I’ve found one key that is very helpful. Completely focus on this moment. Wherever you are right now, be fully there. That is why meditation is so powerful. You focus on your breathing, every breath in and every breath out. Your breath is always in the present moment, in the now. Usually there are no problems in the now.


7 tips to be happy when a dark winter brings you down

This morning I got a message from someone who I hadn’t spoken with for a long time. She told me that she currently has a hard time being happy and that my positive messages and pictures are helping to cheer her up. I know how challenging it can be sometimes to find joy and I’m very grateful that I am able to help others where I can.

When you’re feeling down I think it’s very important to reach out to someone and tell how you feel. It might not be an easy step, but you have to know that everyone has their ups and downs and there is a good chance they’ll understand how you feel. Even if they might not have a solution for you, it’ll probably make you feel better to just share your challenges with someone.

Talking about it is a great start, though there is no change without action. Therefore I’ve written down seven actions that might help you feel better and bring more joy into your days.


The real you

The real you is strong and powerful beyond imagination

The real you is creative and inspired

The real you is positive and optimistic

The real you doesn’t know fear

The real you has many dreams and unlimited potential

The real you is full of life and energy

The real you is here and now

The real you is connected to all


What do you expect?

For quite a while now I’m a bit struggling with the mundane of life. In the mornings I wake up early, go to the gym and then to work for the rest of the day. In the evening I cook dinner, watch some tv and before I know it’s time to go to bed again. Even though I do my best to make days different by working at several locations, it still feel often that most days look the same and the desire for breaking out of that grows by the day.

Life, Motivation

Change your beliefs

In my last post I wrote about how you can live your best life. Doing the things that you find important is a good start, but I realised that I didn’t mention one more important thing: changing your beliefs. When you start out with adjusting your daily habits you might fail some days and it’s easy to beat yourself up for it or just give up all together. To keep going, you have to alter the way you think about it.

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How to live your best life

Last weekend I went to Dublin with my dad. It had been on our list for a few years and we finally did it. It was a great weekend together with going to Irish pubs, visiting the Guinness factory and Trinity College and doing a beautiful hike along the coast. I could write some travel tips for Dublin now, but my favourite part was just spending some quality time together and enjoying being abroad for a couple of days. What I want to write about now is the challenge of getting back to normal life this week.


Going home

Vancouver island is very beautiful. There are snow-topped mountains, trees everywhere and many big lakes. My favourite part is the west coast where you’ll find wide outstretched beaches. Except from Alaska, this is about the most west point of North America. I love the Pacific Ocean, it’s so peaceful. At the beach I climb on some rocks and sit down for a while to enjoy the view.