Flying to America

It’s interesting how you can look forward to a journey, but at the days before departure don’t like it so much at all. Saying goodbye to family and friends, finishing work and packing everything isn’t my favorite thing to do. Especially the packing. I’ve traveled quite a lot so far, but I still always manage to pack too much. I think it’s because I like to have a choice when I’m traveling. Choice of clothes to wear, choice of books to read and so on. After a bit of a struggle I manage to bring the weight back to about one kilo over the limit hoping it’ll be okay. Just before I go to bed my neighbor Liv-Marit texts me to say goodbye. I walk downstairs and have a short chat. She recommends me to do some meditation before sleeping, to relax and have a good nights rest. I say goodbye to her, set two alarm clocks and follow her advice. It was a good idea, just focussing on your breath for a moment before you fall asleep helps clearing your mind.


Time for a new adventure

I’ve had several blogs in the past. One of them is of my first journey in the United States in 2011 where I traveled for 80 Days in America. Another one is the blog of my adventure in New Zealand in 2017. These websites contain the stories of beautiful journeys I’ve made and are full of good memories. I think that writing blogs while traveling is a nice way to stay connected with other people and to share experiences.

Next week I travel to America again. Unlike some previous trips, I won’t do much work this time so I can focus more on the journey. In line of that I was thinking not to write a blog either, but last week I realised that I would probably miss it. I love to write and it also helps me experience traveling in a different way. Traveling alone is a great way to discover the world and life and more about yourself, but it’s also nice if you can share your stories.